Tales of the Art

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... a Surgical Nurse

Where Humor and the Healing Arts Meet!

The stories are as unique as each patient but the results are the same. Laughter truly helps heal both the mind and the body. Our purpose is to help bring the healing art of laughter to those who need it most.

“These folks are essential for patient emotional and mental care while at the hospital!  They can decrease pain.”

Tales of the Art

The Wheelchair Waltz

The Light Inside Her

We were interacting with a girl of about 14 who has Down Syndrome; she was in a wheelchair with a cast on her outstretched leg, dressed and coiffed to the nines, right down to her sparkly gloves.

"Cindy" has severe autism. A therapeutic play specialist had not been able to engage her at all and we were told we likely wouldn't succeed.

The Drainage Dance Song

... a Mom of a 6-year old

“She lived a life of joy, and Room Circus was a big part of bringing joy to her, especially when she was constrained to that small room. I want you to know that what you do is really meaningful.”

... a Registered Nurse

“Clowns are very healing. Laughter is healing. Thank you.”

Dr. Truman B. Awesome and I were making our rounds when a doctor asked us if we could see her patient in a private kidney dialysis room. “Of course!” we said.