Open Board Positions

Room Circus is operated and managed by a strong and diverse team of volunteers.  As we grow we have a number of opportunities for you to join our team and help bring smiles to those who need it most. There are a wide variety of functions to choose from and you can participate a little or a lot. Whatever works best with your schedule.

Please take a look through the descriptions below and let us know if you'd like to become part of a great team of people.

This position manages our Major Grants Program.
Vice President of Fundraising
  • The VP of Fundraising oversees our major grants as well as leads the team in our fundraising strategy.

  • This position if part of our Executive Board of Directors

The Social Media Manager helps in our communications via our social media channels.
Social Media Manager
  • Working with our Communications VP, this position manages and responds to our audience through the use of various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other online forums.

  • This position is part of our General Board

This position works to keep our online documents in order and assists with access.
Cloud Storage Manager
  • A good grasp of Google Drive and Gmail is needed for this position.

  • This position reports to the VP of Communications and is part of our General Board

Our Publicity Manager works to craft our public facing messages and spread the word of our events.
Publicity Chair
  • As the person in charge of our publicity, this position is responsible for crafting our messages and coordinating our outreach through the various channels.

  • This position is part of the Communication Team and is a member of our General Board