Room Circus Medical Clowning Presents

4th Annual Stand Up for Healing Laughter
Saturday, Date TBD Due to COVID -19

8:00 - 9:30 pm
Doors Open 7:15 pm

Youngstown Cultural Arts Center
4408 Delridge Way SW
Seattle, WA 98106

Tickets - $25






A FUN filled evening of stand up and physical comedy benefitting Room Circus Medical Clowning at Seattle Children's Hospital!


Performer Bios
Steffon Moody pic.jpeg

Steffon Moody is a visual performance artist and was a former Clown at Seattle Children’s Hospital (eight years with the Big Apple Circus and two years with Room Circus). 


He currently teaches drawing and environmental design at DigiPen Institute of Technology. He regularly shows figurative, landscape paintings in Oil, creates large scale art, such as murals, giant puppets, and scenery for the theater.

He began his performance career in 1987 with the physical theater troupe UMO. Now he performs through his business Chameleon Performance.

Emerette Montgomery Comedian photo.jpeg

Emmett Montgomery is a comedian/storyteller who was made in Utah but has lived in Seattle for most of the 21st century and has been failing beautifully on and off the stage for over a decade. When he is not wandering the country telling jokes and falling in love with America, he produces local shows that focus on building community, pushing the limits of what it means to be a performer and celebrating the unique beauty of the city he lives in (Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery, The Magic Hat).

Emmett was part of the top 100 in NBC’s Last Comic Standing Season 9 (2015) and was voted Seattle Weekly’s Best Comic of 2015 and named one of City Arts Magazines Artists of 2015. Emmett has performed at festivals across the country including the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Sasquatch Music Festival, the Women In Comedy Festival and can be heard on national podcasts like Risk! (storytelling), Put Your Hands Together (jokes) and Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction (gross) and has worked with famous and brilliants like Maria Bamford, Dave Chappelle and TJ Miller. Mr Montgomery tells jokes from his heart, usually, his heart is full of hope but sometimes it is full of spiders.

Jet City Improv.jpg

Jet City Improv is one of the longest-running theatrical events in the Northwest. Since 1992 Jet City Improv has been performing improvisational comedy in Seattle and around the Northwest at corporations, colleges, universities, conventions, schools and other organizations. The show features Seattle’s most talented comedians creating unscripted improv comedy completely inspired by suggestions from the audience.

Jet City Improv is a fast-paced and fun audience participation comedy show that is appealing to all ages!

Kerfuffle - Photo .jpeg

Kerfuffle duo Linda Severt & Sarah Liane Foster are both very accomplished musicians and distinguished clowns, Linda and Sarah have joined funny bones to create “Kerfuffle” - a musical clown duo.
Linda has been performing in the Seattle area for more than twenty years. She has won multiple awards for her music. Linda has performed at the Kennedy Center, DC, Teatro Zinzanni, Seattle, and the Kim Tom International Clown Festival, Shanghai.  Linda has also worked for the Big Apple Circus’ Clown Care, New York City for seven years. The LA Times called Linda’s show “A tour-de-force comedic act.” Linda is also the co-founder and program director of Room Circus Medical Clowning. She goes by Dr Hamsterfuzz.

Sarah has been performing, creating, and teaching theatre clowning since 2002, and has performed in thirty states and eight countries. She spent four years teaching at Helikos, a theatre creation school in Florence, Italy. Sarah is also a Room Circus Medical Clown and goes by Dr Wizzbang McGillickutty.


Fremont Philharmonic Orchestra were originally the Freiberg Philharmonium, the Fremont Philharmonic couldn’t get a gig in town, as everyone in the little Alsatian town was in the band. Neighboring villages suspected with so much talent in one place a pact with the devil had been made. When the fire was put out, those wishing to continue playing emigrated to Fremont in the young city of Seattle. But that was a long time ago.