Room Circus Medical Clowning Presents

6th Annual Music of Laughter
Saturday November 3rd 2018

8:30  - 10:00pm
Doors Open 8:00pm

Tickets On Sale Now: Purchase Here
$25 - General Admission Tickets
$20 - Early Bird Discount Ends October 31

Located at

Youngstown Cultural

Arts Center
4408 Delridge Way SW
Seattle, WA 98106

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Performances by

Uncle Bonsai

The Go Janes

Sarah Liane Foster

Linda Severt

Alan Genatossio


for sale include

Bar snacks




Uncle Bonsai


A folk-pop trio from Seattle, performs funny original songs whose exquisite musical detail and subtle needling wit attain a level of craft not often seen in pop” - NY Times

Imagine what might happen if Tim Burton hijacked the Andrews Sisters en route to a Stephen Sondheim festival with The Beatles and Tom Lehrer in the sidecar; you’d get Seattle super-harmonizers Uncle Bonsai. With just three voices and an acoustic guitar, Uncle Bonsai presents an often dizzying vocal array of intricate harmony. Their songs, dark and hilarious at times, just as often delight with moments of great insight and beauty. The trio aligns itself with the underachiever, the dejected, the outsider, the black sheep.

Densely-packed lyrics fly by in a whirr at times, and take a skewed stance on topics such as first-world problems, the creation of the universe, the afterlife, and, of course, holidays with the family. Uncle Bonsai’s acoustic folk-pop songs are almost one-act plays or short stories, resisting strict pop, folk, or singer-songwriter categories. Their songs focus on the passing of time, the passing of genes, and the passing of pets - the truth of everything seemingly buried somewhere under the family tree. Now in its 37th year, the group continues to perform and record new material. 




The Go Janes

Seattle Veteran Musicians: The Go Janes collectively represent many decades of experience in Seattle’s rich musical landscape. Members of former groups (the Modern Fabrics, the Mel Cooleys, fasten with pins, and various solo projects) and the current folk-pop harmony trio Uncle Bonsai, make up the membership of this vocal harmony, uke-and-guitar-based trio.

Allegiance to the Song: The Go Janes combine a love for beautiful melodies with a lifetime of singing harmony. Combining elements from a variety of traditions, including Americana, musical theater, throat singing, contemporary classical and art song —  the trio works collaboratively to fully realize the inclinations of each song, without allegiance to a strict category or style.


Stand and Sing: The Go Janes are driven equally by a dedication to the spirit of creative innovation and imagination to transform lives, as well as on-the-ground social justice. The Go Janes seek to support causes that promote humanitarian values, through workshops, song-leading, and site-specific musical response.

Surprisingly athletic at times in their rhythms, harmonies and sonic textures, The Go Janes instill beauty, untempered insights and humor into their folk, pop and Americana sound.

Sarah Liane Foster

Sarah Liane Foster has been performing, creating, and teaching theatre clowning since 2002, and has performed in thirty states and nine countries. She spent four years teaching at Helikos, a theatre creation school in Florence, Italy and currently teaches movement at Bright Water Waldorf School. Sarah has been honored with Portland Civic Theatre Guild’s Leslie O. Fulton Fellowship, several grants from the Regional Arts and Culture Council, a grant from Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, and the Portland Jugglers’ Ben Linder Award for Most Inspirational Juggler. Sarah is also a Healthcare Clown with Room Circus at Seattle Children’s Hospital as the very reputable Dr. Whizzbang McGillickutty.

Linda Severt

In addition to touring hither and yon, especially in Canada and China, Linda Severt has been performing in the Seattle area for more than twenty years. She has won multiple awards for her CD’s, including a Parent’s Choice Silver Award. Linda has also toured and performed with The Laura Love Band, Venus Envy, the Modern Fabrics, and Whoopi and the Cushions. To name a few venues, she has performed at the Kennedy Center (DC), Teatro Zinzanni (Seattle), and the Kim Tom International Clown Festival (Shanghai). The LA Times called Linda’s show “A tour-de-force comedic act.

Linda worked for the Big Apple Circus’ Clown Care (New York) for seven years and is the co-founder, program director and Clown In Chief of Room Circus at Seattle Children’s Hospital. She is known as the very distinguished Dr. Hamsterfuzz.

Alan Genatossio

Alan Genatossio is a nurse at Seattle Children's Hospital focusing on clinical research with people that have Cystic Fibrosis. Watching medical clowns work their magic at Children's, and recognizing the inner clown in himself, Alan has befriended and supported his uproarious colleagues for many years - "My own professional practice has benefitted from the mission of Room Circus Medical Clowning; I often use laughter to help establish a relationship with a child or teenager, it's not all about the medical facts, it's about life and how wonderful it is."


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