Meet our Clown "Doctors"

Specializing in the Funny Bone
Dr. Hamsterfuzz
Linda Severt

In addition to touring hither and yon, especially in Canada and China, Linda Severt has been performing in the Seattle area for more than twenty years. She has won multiple awards for her CD’s, including a Parent’s Choice Silver. Just to name a few venues, Linda has performed at the Kennedy Center (DC), Teatro Zinzanni (Seattle), and the Kim Tom International Clown Festival (Shanghai), and also worked for the Big Apple Circus’ Clown Care (New York) for seven years. The LA Times called Linda’s show “A tour-de-force comedic act.”

Dr. Balloon Cheeks
Peter Pitofsky

Ever since running away from his home in New York City and joining the Ringling Bros Circus, Peter Pitofsky has been delighting audiences worldwide with his zany combination of slapstick comedy, uncanny timing, and improvisational shenanigans.  Peter's expansive comedy background includes street performing on the infamous Venice Beach boardwalk, working the comedy circuit at the L.A. Comedy Store, The Improv, Teatro Zinzanni in Seattle and San Francisco, and Palazzo in Europe. Peter's malleable face and willingness to do anything for a laugh have earned him opening slots with some of comedy's heavyweights including Mel Brooks, Jay Leno, Penn & Teller, and more.  Most recently, Peter has been making people laugh until their sides ache in sold out shows in Europe at Palazzo and CabaRAE in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Dr. Wizzbang McGillickutty
Sarah Liane Foster

Sarah Liane Foster has been performing, creating, and teaching theatre clowning since 2002, and has performed in thirty states and eight countries. She spent 4 years teaching at Helikos, a theatre creation school in Florence, Italy. Sarah has been honored with Portland Civic Theatre Guild’s Leslie O. Fulton Fellowship, several grants from the Regional Arts and Culture Council awarded to her individually and as part of the Nomadic Theatre Co, and the Portland Jugglers’ Ben Linder Award for Most Inspirational Juggler.