Who We Are & What We Do 

Mission and History
Our Mission:  To enhance health and well-being through laughter and joy.
Our Vision:  To integrate the art of medical clowning into health care.
Our Values:  Play - Laughter - Joy - Trust - Imagination

Using a playful, interactive approach, medical clowns employ music, physical comedy, improvisation, and circus arts to support healing. Stress relief, distraction, reduction of anxiety and pain and empowerment of patients are just a few of the measurable benefits. In addition, medical clowning helps build trust between physicians and patients, especially when a patient is feeling frightened or in pain, and has been shown to have positive clinical outcomes. Room Circus clowns create a circle of trust that encompasses everyone in the room – providers, families, patients and staff.


In addition to being acclaimed stage performers, Room Circus clowns are trained in the procedures, protocol and sensitivity involved in working in health care environments. Our clowns recognize and consider the physical and emotional state of each patient, and adapt interactions according to patients’ needs, whether it’s raucous humor, a tender lullaby, or a visual spectacle.


Room Circus is modeled after the prestigious Big Apple Circus Clown Care program that operated in Seattle Children’s Hospital for eleven years. It ended in 2009, due to the economic downturn, and Room Circus was created four years later, in July 2013. We plan to expand within Seattle Children’s Hospital, to other hospitals, elder care, and hospice facilities.

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