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Tales of the Art

From the Room Circus Medical Files

"Fools Rush In"

By Dr. La Foo

We were told by staff that a little girl was extremely upset, screaming and crying. "We haven't been able to get in her room. Why don't you see if you can?"

We could hear the girl, about five years old, screaming at the top of her lungs. She sat surrounded by family members, who were unable to soothe her. Without hesitation, my fellow clown doctor took the plunge. Using the clown's art of exaggeration and excess - and risking failure, rejection, and possibly offense - she ran into the room screaming just as loudly as the little girl, asking if she could please use the bathroom, she just had to go! Her desperate frenzy distracted the little girl. She stopped crying, and stared.

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"This is the best medicine she's had all day!" - Father

Room Circus medical clowning provides laughter, wonder and joy as a therapeutic and vital component of health care.

"That's the first time my child has smiled in months." - Parent

Dr. La Foo & Dr. Hamsterfuzz with a Child

Our professional medical clowns use music, physical comedy, improvisation and circus arts to transform the health care environment. Stress relief, distraction, reduction of anxiety and pain and empowerment of patients are just a few of the measurable benefits.

"My daughter's time in the hospital was much less traumatic and troubling with your kookiness to ease her through the difficulties she faced. We are grateful beyond words." - Father of a cancer patient

Room Circus clowns reach through the barriers, pull out laughter, and create a circle of trust that encompasses everyone in the room - providers, families, patients and staff.

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